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May 22, 2011


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Most German big cities seem to have had "Meuten" - gangs of anti-nazi youths.

The book you should read is "Inside Nazi Germany: Conformity, Opposition and Racism in Everyday Life" by Detlev J.K. Peukert. Though I cannot find an explicit reference to the Red Anchor in it. The only such gang referred to in Munich is the "Blasen".

Anyhow, as the title of the book indicates, it reveals how there was a very wide spectrum of views and attitudes to the regime in Nazi Germany, and the different ways in which opposition manifested itself. It undermines the anglo-saxon assumption of a nation of automatons in awe of the Fuehrer.


BTW I saw you link on the Edelweiss Pirates.

If they have been "co-opted" by Zionism, it is a great shame.

That is not what the Edelweiss Pirates were about.

Have you seen the 2004 film? Probably not released in the UK?


james walsh

I think a great deal of what communist youth did has been co-opted by the liberal world. These people wouldn't have viewed them selfs at 'anti-fascist' but as Communists ;
which of couse is anti-fascist- which is why it's co-opted with too much ease.

It reminds me of the John Heartfield exibition I saw in London years ago- which almost tried to give the impression of a concerned liberal.

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