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July 26, 2009


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Ben F.

On a less light-hearted note, there was the Baggies forward Lee Hughes who served just three years for killing one person and severely injuring another in a road accident in a drunk-driving incident (Hughes also bravely fled the scene).
Jan Møllby (midfielder, Ajax/Liverpool) also car related accidents (though thankfully no one killed).
Ricky 'thousand mile stare' Otto (midfielder ex-Birmingham City, Southend) did 3 years for bank-robbery (or being the unsuccessful get-away driver).
And of course there's the patron of the local U16s girls team Arsenal's Graham Rix (left-winger).

Ben F.

And didn't Bobby Moore spend one night in a Columbian prison -- the thieving git ;-)


Ricky Otto - signed by Orient after coming out of a four stretch for blagging!


Dammit, sorry Ben, didn't see your comment :-/

Ricky's one of a small elite of minor celebrities who got done for being the getaway driver despite protesting their innocence (the only other member being that fellow from The Charlatans).

Dr Paul Stott

I purposefully left out Lee Hughes and a couple of other cases that were simply not funny (Indeed I rather wobbled about having Mickey Quinn in there, but stuck him in as he and his Talk Sport pals would never even acknowledge that he had such a conviction)

Bobby Moore's arrest was on tour before the 1970 Mexico World Cup. He was accused of stealing a watch from a jewellers. It would be an act of treason for me - or anyone else - to suggest he could possibly have been guilty........

Ex Beardy Nick

How about Alan Lithgow, the Clyde and Scotland U21 flasher?

Peter Storey went down for drugs and running a brothel too didn't he?

Dr Paul Stott

Clive Walker ex of Chelsea and Sunderland is another flasher.

If I recall correctly Peter Storey-Moore was done for importing pornography rather than running a brothel, but I'm sure an Arsenal fan can correct us?

Ex Beardy Nick

I think it was both for Storrie, coke too. Funnily enough a mate and I did a prison XI after Gerrard wasn't jailed too.

There's the case of Jefferson Louis (ex Oxford Utd) too who was banned from driving, caught in his car by the plod and was arrested in a river, hiding, drenched. He was then jailed!

Edward Shirley

Robin Friday? Must have been convicted for something!!

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