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August 06, 2017


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Andy Walpole

The reason David Irving's books need to be removed from university library shelves, is not that his personal politics are repugnant, but that his published works have been conclusively proven to be unreliable contributions to academic historiography. The famous "David Irving v Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt" has been detailed on many different occasions, but other evidence, such as the account, abound: https://www.historyrhymes.info/2009/02/17/david-irvings-translation-of-der-dienst-erinnerungen-1942-1971

Jon Davis

Andy: library shelves would be much emptier if we removed all unreliable works. Goodbye to the Augustan History (published by Penguin as Lives of the Later Caesars). Goodbye to Mandeville's Travels. Goodbye to Yeats' Autobiographies. And so on... Frankly academic libraries should simply shelve Irving's books beside those demonstrating the paucity of his historiography, create a shelfmark for Holocaust denial.


I agree with you, the books should remain on the shelves, they maybe unreliable but i believe there is something to learn from them, and there must be a reason why they found their way in the university library in the first place.

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