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June 11, 2017


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In order to leave the EU it requires a government committed to doing so. Neither a Con party or Lab party with a majority would be that govt. People who voted Leave have for years been giving their vote in elections for two main parties who are pro EU. Considering the type of Westminster politician that membership of the EU has produced it is hard to believe that May ever wanted to be heading a party with a majority in govt negotiating Britain leaving the EU. The ‘people’ which includes those who have also gone back home to their big two parties and abandoned UKIP are as much to blame as the political class.


Recent events in Kensington suggest that not all Labour voters there are members of the 'liberal elite'. Maybe the Labour voters of Kensington, London do have similar interests to, say, the voters of Kensington, Liverpool. And maybe Corbyn won't disappoint them.

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