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November 20, 2016


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Will Davidson

Bloody hell! This Cowley bloke must be desperate!

Will Davidson

Well done to your new Fuhrer- Eddie Hitler LOL!

Will Davidson

Looks like Eddie Hitler has lived up to his name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR8z9SGVUzs

Will Davidson

The inevitable consequences of far-right politics 9which includes UKIP) http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/cyber-hate/

I found this part of particular interest - Terence Nathan, a UKIP councillor in Bromley, south-east London, called for all Remain voters to be killed in a post on Facebook. The post read: ‘Time to start killing these people till article 50 is invoked, perhaps remainers will get the message then.’ UKIP desperately claimed this was a joke- yeah, some joke eh?

Will Davidson

Low grade behaviour surely.

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