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August 07, 2016


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Dr Rastus

Excellent post. I fear we are seeing a transition from lame excuses for terror, like mental illness, to a complete avoidance of reporting. People doubt whether the birthday cake with candles caused the deaths at Rouen or whether the media were told to shut up.
It has bothered me considerably that many on the left, including anarchists like the veterans in Class War who should be attuned to lies in the media,, are very much part of the cover up.

Will Davidson

Paul- as you have , for some reason, expressed the hope that Donald Trump (of all people) is going to have a decent anti-terrorism plan- I feel compelled to post a couple of Videos about this here from Secular Talk (a channel you should look at if you haven't done so already). First theres this one, in which Trump seems to think that Iran are responsible for Islamic State rather than any connection to Salafist Saudi Arabia (when infact, as horrible as the Iranian theocracy is, it is not Sunni or Salafist like Islamic State) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASulisaphuU

And this one, where Trump states that stealing a countries' natural resources is a good idea as an anti-terrorism plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASulisaphuU

Trump has also stated that he will break the US constitution by ignoring american human rights (due process and habeus corpus) by imprisoning american citizens at Guantanamo Bay and trying them by military tribunal. He has also pledged to kill the families of terrorists- why you think any of that is effective for countering terrorism is beyond me.

Will Davidson

Sorry, this is the second video that I intended to post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svUktz78fyQ (Trump's'Anti-Terrorism' Plan)

Will Davidson

I mean, perhaps we see things differently, but then I'm not someone who would vote for the same party that Paul Golding would.

Will Davidson

Or for that matter anyone in the EDL, or anyone else who stupidly believes that Nationalism and/or Fascism is there for the working-class.

Will Davidson

And please don't insult my intelligence my trying to convince me that the Labour Party is all about racism and Hitler worship, when UKIP is all about xenophobia, racism sexism and homophobia- aswell as being a party full of religious fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists, aswell as bigots.

Dr Paul Stott

The only major political party in Britain which practises segregation is the Labour party, as it has demonstrated at a series of public meetings from West Bromich to Oldham.

The only major political party in Britain which contains people openly supporting Hitler and circulating neo-Nazi material is the Labour party as evidenced by Cllr Aysegul Gurbuz and the former Mayor of Bradford Khadim Hussain.

Would you care to venture a reason as to why Shami Chakrabarti's 'inquiry' into Labour's anti-Semitism did not dare examine such cases before she rushed to the House of Lords?

Will Davidson

I'm wondering if they've actually brainwashed you Paul :(

Will Davidson

A couple of people is not an entire party and they have both been punished for the stupid things they posted online. As I already stated UKIP is a party that was founded by and runs on xenophobia, racism, sexism and homophobia that has used Nazi propaganda in it's political campaigning and whose ,until recently, Leader - Nigel Farage has expressed racist views towards Romanians and has defended homophobia in his party, refusing to punish Roger Helmer for his sick views on gay people. He also claimed that all of the people represented by the people who confronted him in a pub (which included breast feeding women and gay men) are scum. He has a past of singing "gas them all" and expressing pride in being a supporter of the National Front. UKIP is a party that have thrived on exaggerating immigration (which is racist) and telling out-right lies about the EU- it is at best xenophobic and sometimes racist- it has been backed by members of the EDL and the entirety of Britain First, who are a split from the BNP.

Will Davidson

Britain First is a group of Fascists that attempted to spark an ethnic conflict/race war in Britain by intimidating and provoking Muslims, including Mosque invasions. They have openly given their backing to UKIP, hoping it will make their own hatred respectable and legitimate.

Will Davidson

They hold secluded camps where they train in armed combat. Heres a photo of them with someone who might be Nazi murderer Thomas Mair https://twitter.com/mrpaulduane/status/743884230053232640

Will Davidson

In continueing to expect me to believe that Labour is the only real racist party in Britain what Labour stand for is basically Nazism- you are merely coming across as batshit insane as the likes of Alex Jones. It seems you are already one of the UKIP conspiracy theorists I referred to in a previous post. Please consider what I have posted on here and try to think clearly.

Will Davidson

And why do you nationalists feel the need to post photos of yourselves in macho situations such as your kickboxing pic. It comes across as the desperate sort of thing Britain First would do, or indeed Vladimir Putin. I'm half expecting you to post a photo of yourself topless, on horseback- please don't.

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