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July 02, 2016


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The political disconnect between the oligarchy's political narrative, as presented in the MSM and actual political reality is breath taking. Reminds me of an old Sergeant Major friend, who had to charge a soldier for smoking a joint in the late 1960's in Hong Kong whilst on guard duty, in the days before these things were wide spread. Struggling to find something to charge him with, hit on the following formulae; 'That you did render yourself into a state of unreality' Contrary to Section 69 of the Army Act 1955 Conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline. The old Anglican Homily to Submission, Racist, Hater, diversity, etc., what I call Leninist Pavlovian Emotional Response Units, just don't work anymore. After Jo Cox was murdered I asked everyone I knew if it was going to affect the way they voted, and I asked them to ask others. The reply -,the murder was irrelevant to the vote. I also said after that murder, if you thought that was bad, wait till they get organised, it won't be Islamic terrorism you need to worry about. Just carry on doing what you are doing, with complete indifference, to what people think and concerned about, without any democratic means of expression and see what happens. Nationalism is the strongest force in human history, it will eat this political system alive. Suffice to say, I now longer have any of my old London Labour Party colleagues as friends. There has to be a break up of the two major parties to reflect the real national, regional, class and ethnic divisions. If not and the political class and the interests they represent just double down and try to ram their policies through, then it will be, I fear, Welcome to Vietnam. All the preconditions for civil war are there. Just add time.

Dr Rastus

Class War are marching on Boris's home under the banner ' The man who stole the future'. Obviously they think he robbed them of a grand super state.

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