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June 10, 2016


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Joe Owens

The below statement says it all. Good article, im sure Gable and Lowles wont find amusing.

“this research will be a unique insight into the anti-European network in Britain. Utilising sources inside these organisations, the European Movement will be furnished with information not otherwise easily accessible. The report and the drip flow of information will provide your organisation with invaluable ammunition to add to your cause”

Dr Rastus

HnH is well funded. Worth checking out their sources. Start here. Unbound Philanthopy - I believe it went up to £200,000. Link https://www.unboundphilanthropy.org/who-we-fund

Nothing hidden, its a genuine charity with city and Wall St investors probably getting tax relief for a worthy cause. They favour open borders, immigration organizations.

Check the amounts by scrolling to the end and opening the full grants list spreadsheet.

File Full_Grants_List_April_2016.xlsx

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