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August 15, 2015


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What issue of the 20th Century Communism journal is this in Paul? The "general issue", number eight?


I worked it out - it's issue #9. Printing the article now

Paul Stott

Hi Andy - yes its issue 9 of Twentieth century Communism, the new issue.

What I have said to a few people is that I am going to wait a month or so, then I will post on here comments/additions/clarifications. I am informed for example the IWCA had four councillors in Oxford at one point, not one. Do feel free to comment on strengths/weaknesses etc etc

Larry o'Hara

An intriguing sub-text to all this was the shadow war fought involving state fractions and proxies. For example in Leeds where Red Action and CW were peripheral, pseudo-anarchists ran the local AFA group at times almost as a psyops unit. For example do an Editorial Director/failed PhD student and his name changing partner still fear exposure? Anything to do with a blatantly implausible agent? Is the answer in this riddle: 'yesterday upon the stair, I saw a man who was not there. I had another look today, and still Carstairs had not gone away'

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