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July 12, 2015


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Paul Stott – Personal Profile

BA (Hons) Social Science (specialising in politics) - Wolverhampton University, 1991.
MSc Terrorism Studies (Distinction) – University of East London. 2007
PhD student at University of East Anglia


Wolverhampton University, University of East London and University of East Anglia?


Get some proper qualifications from proper universities in order to start engaging intellectually on this or any other subject. Wolverhampton University, East London, seriously?
On the other hand you have more than 200 high ranking international academics with impressive academic qualifications and reputations.


Apologies for the unhelpfully late comment! "Prevent is as well known among non-Muslims as academic studies of Slovenian foreign policy in the late 1990s" As someone with a PhD in the post Cold War foreign and defence policy of a relatively obscure European country, I take exception to this. ;) More seriously, having trained as a secondary school citizenship teacher over the last year, I would suggest that even if not so well known elsewhere, the teaching profession is banging up against Prevent regularly. All head teachers are having to formulate anti-radicalisation and -extremism policies, and I've seen this pushed down to citizenship, PSHE or RE teachers in various schools. Local constabulary Prevent teams have been inviting teachers into meetings, they have been happening in South Yorkshire this summer that I've seen (didn't get chance to go myself though). This is all linked to the promotion of "British Values" in schools, which now Ofsted has to assess when inspecting schools. From my looking into it, it seems Lancashire has done the most at least publicly for Prevent in schools http://www.preventforschools.org/index.php

Dr Paul Stott

Hi Toby - No worries about your comment being 'late' - the teaching angle is a really interesting one to raise. It is interesting to hear (and I think a little disconcerting) to hear Prevent is really being picked up in schools.

One of the things I have argued is that by bringing such programmes into schools, those behind Prevent are mirroring much more long term educational programmes, in particular those designed to challenge racism and negative attitudes to immigration. These were certainly a feature of my Social Studies education at secondary school way back in the 1980s.

I would also be interested to see how different, if at all, Prevent packs for schools are from things like those being circulated by groups like Show Racism the Red Card. The issue being tackled may differ, but the approach - of government and those it funds challenging and/or changing young people's views to make them more acceptable - is pretty much the same.

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