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May 06, 2013


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Larry O'Hara

Sadly, and in some ways rightly, for many the defining memory of Stuart Hall will now be his paedophilia. It is hardly coincidence that,like Savile, he worked at the BBC for so many years.

I too remember the elegant and incisive prose with which he graced football commentary. That should not be forgotten, but nor should his actions. Being intelligent and articulate does not make you by that token a good person, but Hall's vile antics should not blind us to the fact football commentary, and newsreading, deserves far better than the mediocre epigones we now have.

Benjamin F

Whilst it's good to encourage the idea that education and culture is for all (and made by all), Stuart Hall's sports report were more grandiloquent rather than erudite. The contrast with a genuinely brilliant commentator like Jon Arlott, or sports writer and polymath CLR James could not be sharper.

Odd that the Tories are pressuring the BBC to investigate their corporate culture that allowed these scumbags to perpetuate their activities for so long, yet the common link between so many of these characters: Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile, Peter Morrison and allegedly William Roach, Jimmy Tarbuck, Nigel Evans is not the BBC but that they were all Tories. Perhaps an enquiry into the Conservative Party is necessary - and withholding of all state aid to its members (council and parliamentary allowances) until it is completed.

Larry O'Hara

I liked John Arlott, and CLR James was as you describe: nonetheless, Stuart Hall had the ability to enliven a dull game by his reporting of it. And, sadly, the Tories do not have a monopoloy on child abuse: the disgrace of what went on in Labour-controlled Islington under Margaret Hodge corrects this. Something Greville Janner might have an opinion on. There is a culture of celebrity, of which the BBC is a part, that allowed these perpetrators to persist for so long.

Benjamin F

Hia Larry, I wasn't suggesting that child abuse only happened in Tory circles, only pointing out the hypocracy of the Tories in associating it largely with the BBC, partly to deflect from their own organisational responsibilities. Though I do feel that any sort of abuse is inherently 'right-wing' - even if supposed progressives are just as guilty, as abuse relies on - and is a form of - hierarchical power structure and the Right are most in favour of these.

I've not kept uptodate with the Janner allegations. I assumed that these were unsubstantiated and largely done to besmirch a very high profile Jewish and pro-Israel politician. Of course just because anti-semites repeat the accusations (I have seen other Jewish and minority MPs too), this does not mean that the accusations against Janner aren't true. A stoppped clock and all that. But I just wonder what the evidence base was?


I will never forget a commentry of Stuart Hall when on my way home from Hillsborough. It went like this, "it was like a wind blew straight from the Russian steps as this match stumbled from farce to error and finally to its disastrous conclusion for Wednesday, it felt as long as Anna Karenina! I cannot remember the score but will not forget that quote from the master.
Also at an Everton game he commented that the ball was hit with the force of P squared Ohmega T,and the faithfull have now departed for Sundowners, Rum punches and a wishfull ticket to Europe.

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