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March 28, 2013


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Benjamin F

I have to disagree with you about UKIP respresenting a break with the 'political class'. Many of the senior figures in UKIP come from the higher branches of business as do many Tories (and of course many came from the Conservative Party): Jeffrey Tifford, Lord Pearson, Roger Knapman hardly represent a break from the class interests of the protected elite -- and Farage himself is public school educated son of a stockbroker.

I don't think UKIP have called the big decisions right. It seems highly unlikely that the EU is the root cause of the economic and social ills. The EU is more a symptom rather than a cause. After all less than 1.5% the UK spending is on the EU. Economic colapse hit non-Euro members and Euro members alike. Iceland isn't a formal member and the crisis hit first and, in many ways, severest there. Countries around the world are in prolonged recessison (Canada, US,) with no membership of EU or Euro. What they all have in common though is large scale free trade agreements with one another, and low regulation, allowing for enormous international monetary flows in and out of domestic economies. Yet these are the very things that UKIP are most in favour of.

Indeed UKIP, in the tradition of many political parties having names which are the antithesis of their actual politics (Conservative Party destroys rather than conserves, Labour party does fuck all for workers, Socialist Workers Party, have few socialists, no workers and certainly don't know how to party) UKIP actually stands for tying the UK to broader neo-liberal policies. As far as I can see it does not campaign against NATO membership, WTO membership or IMF membership all of which have significant impacts on so-called 'national sovereignty'. At least the EU (which I don't support) has some very minor democratic imput which these bodies do not have.

Blaming the EU suggests that a more efficient form of capitalist administration can be found and that will somehow makes us happier or freer. It ignores how disenfranchised and powerless the broad mass of the non-elites have become and altering our arrangement with the EU (either out exiting or preparing or for more integration) will make little difference to that.


Surely Nigel Farage's biggest complaint about the political class is that he's not in it.

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