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October 09, 2012


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Hi there, just saw this. Hywel here. I think your comments are fair enough. I think in my defence I'd say what we talked about in the interview was neatly paraphrased by the journalist into something a little less nuanced than what I was getting at, which is basically that class isn't as simple as upper / middle / lower etc, that it is obviously more complicated and fluid than that. The play looks at two young men from different social backgrounds and how they have reacted to a specific shocking event - the aim being to highlight the complications in how we all view each other across social divides, that there's both ignorance but also, hopefully, a shared humanity. But anyway, maybe you'd fancy coming along to check it out, and hopefully you won't find it as redundant as you predict. I'd hope so anyway!
Best, Hywel

Dr Paul Stott

Hi Hywel - Thank you for taking the time to reply to the post and explain your comments further.
The class system is fluid - that in a way is why it has lasted so long - it is not fixed rigidly in the way that apartheid was. I hope the play adds to these debates - just as 'Chavs' did.

Dr Paul Stott

One last addition on this - a profile of Hywel John in the Islington Gazette of 27 December 2007 (p.11) states that he grew up in Richmond Crescent, Barnsbury (one of Islington's more sought after addresses) before attending Bristol University.

If you have heard of Richmond Crescent before, it is because that's where Tony and Cherie Blair were living prior to Blair's 1997 election victory.

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