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June 08, 2012


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A salutary tale.
I'm not completely stupid. I know that Amazon is not exactly a force for good so have used my local independent bookshop quite a lot. But Amazon prices are imposible to match and I found myself ordering more books online; it becomes a habit. Then last week Housman's put out some very persausive arguments for not using Amazon and I decided to go cold turkey and kick the habit. When I read this post I checked out the map and found that my local independent was not on it. I had a look at the shop's website with the intention of sending the map people a link. I think you know what's coming. Closing at the end of June due to incresed rent, the economic climate and CHANGES TO SHOPPING PRACTICES.
Langton's Bookshop didn't cary a huge stock but they did a brilliant ordering service and would get anything for you in 24 hours. There was also a cafe, reading group, mum and toddler story group etc.
Use 'em or lose 'em!

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