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April 29, 2012


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I don't know who these people think they are. These "community organisers" think they're little Obamas but in reality are wannabe Stalinistas. Know-nothing Stalinistas.

John Page

Easy to sit on the sidelines criticising, but every question submitted to the candidates was asked. The meeting was advertised as an opportunity to get answers from the candidates that's what we did.

Several people told us in advance they intended to disrupt the meeting, they failed

The TUSC are not standing in this constituency, oh and before you advocate inviting the UKIP candidate, I suggest you google him and his vitriolic racism. You might be happy to sit down with him, but that says something about the limits of your anti-racism.

Dr Paul Stott

John - How do we know every question submitted was asked, when they all had to be passed to a member of Hackney Unites for vetting before being read out? We are expected to take your word on it, and given you managed to lose a quarter of the audience last night, why should people do that?

In your speech you condemned Paul Whiffen, who you said was not to be endorsed and would not be welcome in the meeting. The implication was that he was the BNP candidate, especially as the next Hackney Unites speaker said she was proud the BNP were not invited to the meeting.
The BNP are NOT standing in the constituency, and you seem to have been happy to conflate UKIP with the BNP (Whiffen is the UKIP candidate) A rather snidey trick.

Whiffen was quoted in the past saying something on immigration many in the audience would find disagreeable, but then so has local MP Diane Abbott (remember her views on Finnish nurses or white people dividing and ruling?) Would you refuse to invite her?

On TUSC, is it the fact they are only on the top-up list that kept them off the panel, or their opposition to cuts? Certainly the current issue of Hackney Unites appears to accept cuts as now inevitable.

Finally a little humility would not go ammiss. A meeting set up by a supposedly anti-racist group managed to lose virtually all the black people in the audience due to its rigid format. Perhaps if anyone's anti-racism is limited - it's yours.

Larry O'Hara

Interesting how Page utterly evades the criticism that democratic debate and exchange was not permitted. Just like in Hope Not Hate generally.

Hackney Unite's commitment to anti-racism is as hollow as their commitment to genuine participation.

As Paul said above

"A meeting set up by a supposedly anti-racist group managed to lose virtually all the black people in the audience due to its rigid format" classic!!

blood and property

Sadly I couldn't make it but thanks for the report. It sounded like an interesting event. Even though I can see you had a problem with the organisers I'm glad they organised it. On the racism front, It would be great if there was more discussion about the basics - like what it is, how to know if you are being racist, and how to deal with it (the balance between communication and excommunication for example). When I discovered I had a problem in that area it wasn't as obvious as I thought it should be!


Nathan Barley

Page & Holgate think they are the Sidney & Beatrice Webb of Hackney.

Dave Hughes

More like Hinge & Bracket



Thor Halland

Considering that anti-Jewish hate speech is uttered unchallenged in London right now, even in the presence of so called anti-racists like UAF I think it shows that anti-racism is currently utterly discredited.

We have a new form of 'yes but' anti racists who are espousing victim blaming.

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