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February 06, 2012


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And he did.


You've got more influence than you think Paul, Fabio's obviously a regular reader.

james walsh

I'd have given Fabio dicatorial powers over our footballers, they need some firm government- not a game of political football.

Larry O'Hara

Can you now post an entry urging Bill Kenwright to sell Everton to somebody credible who has more than 3p in the bank? Getting rid of Capello is child's play compared to that one.

Chapman Baxter

So, you are presuming Terry is guilty because basically he's a white working class footballer and you'd love him to be guilty because you a nice middle class blogger and it makes you feel a whole lot better? Right?

Capello has won more of his games than any other England manager, took a firm line with the players and has just about the most successful record of any club manager anywhere

Only the thickest jingoists and the most deluded middle class soccer a.m. sofa fops wanted 'rid' of Capello. Now you'll get 'arry. Totally straight man there. Great record too...oh dear.

Posh Phil


Why do you assume that Paul is Middle Class? I'll give you that he is nice but as a middle class person myself I'll suggest you think again.

He is also a long term grass roots football fan. I thinkj your comments are unwarranted

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