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January 24, 2012


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Wrinkle cream reviews

This is a sad reality.

Posh Phil

Obviously people who are wealthier are more valuable customers than those who aren't.

However the ability to buy cheaply is available to everyone and it is the habits of many poor people , especially poor white people, that lead them to make bad decisions.

Whilst African women in London often make excellent use of markets to make cheap nutritious meals using vegetables and small amounts of the cheapest cuts of meat you see poorer white people buying processed foods at Iceland and convenience stores. Whilst South Asian originated people buy sacks of rice at discount prices many poorer white people are buying sliced white bread at inflated prices on a daily basis.

Whilst poor white people are quite happy to but 42 inch TVs on the never-never the idea that they would bulk buy cheap unprocessed foods using the same credit is almost unheard of yet this sort of habit is often found amongst less affluent middle class people and ethnic minorities.

During the late seventies my own very middle class family had a massive downturn in prosperity. Suddenly our garden was dug over for vegetables, half a pig was bought from a farmer and frozen, pocket money was only to be got buy selling fruit from the garden, there were no new clothes for several years (certainly no 120 quid trainers).

Thrift seems not be in fashion for many people who could really do with employing it.

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