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December 18, 2011


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I remember reading about the five (I thought it was six?) a few months ago and was shocked and surprised to see a group of people being locked up for their willingness to move to action and yet so very little reported in the media. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world though.

Perhaps it's also a comment on my own personal ignorance of a large swathe of political thought and theory.


Excellent post. Thanks. The SWP are sickening.


Not sure whether it's hostility towards anarchism that's the issue here Paul as John Bowden is on the list, and he describes himself as an anarchist and is a controversial prisoner in the anarchist movement to put it mildly!

I think the objection is more likely to be evidence that antifascism takes place outside of Unite Against Fascism, a registered trademark of the SWP.

james walsh

I guess they should take it as a compliment that they are not mentioned by the SWP.

SWP- neither socialist (passive aggressive fascists), not workers (middle management) and certainly the opposite of a party- they seem to have the same idea to partying as does militant Islam- everything would have to be done for the glory of their gulag state!
All such groups that claim be 'Marxist' seem to turn the guy on his head. Now karl seems moderterly easy to understand- so I have to conclude the reactionary nature of such groups isn't down to some sort of fair accident.

At best the SWP should be seen as a honey trap for social inadquate freaks.

As far as I can see the 'left' now has nothing to do with social liberation- it seems to be a place for authoritians who have just have a different set of prejuices and nerousises to the right. keeping their claws out of the Anarchist current seems to be a worthwhile task- it seem's to be the last home of Marxism! for starters. I know Marx would have thought the 'Occupy' movement a bunch of wankers.

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