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December 27, 2011


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having seen all three of the trilogy in dubbed english (nicki doesn't get on with subtitles), and i can honestly say that they're excellent, and i'm not sure i want to see the remake. those who i know who've read the books as well as seen the films all seem to think that the celluloid is faithful to the paper.

craig looks a good choice for blobqvist, but mainly because he looks like the bloke in the original swedish…

uterine fibroid treatment

Okay well as im always on here looking at mental health questions i come across some people who are obvs from america who ask how much it would be to see a psyciatrist and that, Im from the UK and we dont have to pay to see one, the goverment does its like free, so in the USA do they have to pay? and why its not really fair as people cant help it if they devlop mental health issus, and what if somebody is really bad and they cant afford it?


Valuable informatin. Thank you for your effort to help other.
In terms of acting, the development of tension, occassional outbreaks of humour and genuine suspense

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