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December 16, 2011


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Hitchens gone...?

That means there's only Jeremy Clarkson and Julie Burchill left to defend The Enlightenment.


The article below contains some choice quotes from this "great" man, aka arrogant upper class know it all windbag and pathetic victim of self-inflicted wounds from alcoholism and sponsorship of philip morris and friends(funny how Mr Stott's usual -and laudable - contempt for the oxbridge elite melts away when one of them happens to share his fundamentalist version of atheism and almost obsessive antipathy to Islam (not just religion in general). Can someone direct me to this cunt's grave, so I can piss on it in solidarity with the deformed mutated children of Fallujah? Must-read article and the first paragraph outdoes "the Hitch" in the "vicious biting polemic" sweepstakes without even trying: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2005/seymour261105.html


btw I should add that the fact that I agree with the article cited above does *not* mean that I in any way agree with or endorse the views of "Lenin's Tomb" which the author writes for, or any other leninist, trotskyist, stalinist or any other ideologically bankrupt form of authoritarian communism/socialism. I am an anarchist-communist with no sympathy for Leninism. Just to make that perfectly clear.


Merry Christmas Rasta. I agree wholeheartedly with ye. Tweedledum down. Lets hope Tweedledee goes soon. Have a piss on his grave for me mate.

Posh Phil

Hitchens was a great man not least because of his tireless opposition to the evil that is Islamism


Well I suppose "de mortuis nil nisi bonum" as they would say at Hitchens' old public school, Oxford college and gentleman's club.

Except that Hitchens didn't believe he had a soul (I think he was right about that) so I feel no shame in saying good riddance.

He was probably the most insufferably self-obsessed and selfish,, arrogant and unpleasant man in England, though David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen come close.

He claimed he didn't believe in God but I think that was because he thought the universe was not expanding rapidly enough to contain his own ego as well as the Almighty's.

Nietzsche: God is dead.
Hitchens: God was never alive.
God: Nietzsche and Hitchens are both dead.

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