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October 10, 2011


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"Just like any other rugby club tour!"

A more valid statement would be that it was just like any England football World Cup campaign. Four weeks of bad publicity, mediocre performances against weak opposition, indecisive leadership, bad preparation for the knockout stages, stupid schoolboy-level mistakes and therefore crashing out in the quarter finals.

The key difference is, there is some prospect of England doing a lot better in the next World Cup (remember they have reached three finals and won one of them since the WC started in 1987, compare that with the footballers) whereas the same cannot yet be said of the soccer team.

And the reason for that is the strength of rugby at grass roots level. Club rugby has in England become far more professional than it was just 20 years ago, and far less dominated by upper class twits.

james walsh

It's also proof that playing the players more money doesn't make them any better at playing Rugby. Just like Football. Our Cricket team seems to be doing far better. Maybe that tells us a lot.

Sack the management is what I say when a team is doing way more rubbish than they should be doing- it's a time for a new approach is such conditions.


Actually, paying them more money does raise standards.

The reason is that professionalism opens the game to a wider audience and promising young players have an incentive to do well.

This is why Rugby League started, because working class people could not afford to play as amateurs because they were too busy earning a crust. Until Union became professional, you'd always back a top Rugby League team to beat a top Rugby League team.

You only have to look at the physique of Rugby Union players today and compare them with players 20 or 30 years ago to see the difference. Players are faster and stronger, so much so that the sport has become increasingly dangerous and demanding.

Unfortunately though that does not mean that England are going to do better in international competition because standards have improved elsewhere too.

The same applies to football. The sport has become more and more competitive.

However you are right on your last point, the RFU could do with a clear-out and some new blood reflecting the fact that rugby has become a more popular sport.


I meant

you'd always back a top Rugby League team to beat a top Rugby Union team.

james walsh

Complete bollocks International as normal.

The fans should pay them after their performance and they should know how much others have paid before they pay- they should set a ceiling for that player should get in their opinion and how much their personally prepared to give. Let those that want ultra competitive lives be a proper performance market of capitalist- but they have socialism for the rich. You’re a typical academic con man- you don’t want the rules to apply to your sort. But you want to make the rules for others- it’s people like you who should me made to obey the interests of the working class- stop whining you dog.

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