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July 22, 2011


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The Bristol Blogger

Best version is the François Kevorkian Breakdance Mix. Fact.

james walsh

Paul can be an arty london ponce at times ;)
And bloody Bristol folk- donj't get me started!

Here's the real deal of working class culture!
Bloody poncy Germans! Next your be trying to be me in world music and stupid foriegn culture while refusing to listen to our fine British stuff!



Iron Maiden rule the roost as far as british metal, or used to anyway... what other metal band can boast of edu-ma-cating so many people as well as entertaining em? From the battle of britain to the flight of icarus to ancient egyptian mythology... I learned more about all those things from Maiden than from any teacher I ever had. Mind you "Alexander the Great" was a bit wack, especially when Bruce warbled the final lines "he died of syphilis in baaaaa-bylon" or whatever...

The Bristol Blogger

It's all coming out now isn't it?

james walsh

Can I claim my fee now?

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