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July 24, 2011


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Rest In Power... saw his interview talking about why he quit the SWP and he seemed like a top geeza, unlike some of the other supposed "anarchists" and "marxists" who post on here.


I'm so glad to have seen these pictures, thank you. I really wanted to be there but was away. It looks a good send off, which is what he deserved. A truly great man who I miss constantly. We need more like Ken in this world!


Farewell Ken,

You fought the good fight till the end, ever fiercely passionate for the interests of the unjustly treated, the downtrodden and the oppressed.

I just learned of you passing when I spotted the video about your comments about the SWP on You Tube and saw in the comments that you had passed about there and a half years ago, and just two weeks after the video was shot, and I thought to myself - "That's the same ole Ken after 33years".

I was in Salford in 1997 and 1999 but the home you lived in across the railway line from Salford University was no longer there. It was only when I came across graffiti accusing Sean of being an informer on the wall of the tunnel leading to Salford Precinct that I knew you were still active, though I was rather puzzled by what it was all about. I was aware of your concerns over how your father influencing his grandson Sean (who was just a young boy then), with politics diametrically opposed to yours but I never though that it would come this far.

Anyway, I came across an Irish Times article which somewhat explains it, though it characterised you as a "thug", which you certainly were not. Anyway, I'm glad you and Sean reconciled before you moved on.

I shall never forget the warm Salford working class hospitality I always received from yourself and Margaret, as well as Dawn, your father and Sean who despite having little, were so glad to share.

You may no longer be with us Ken, but your class warrior spirit lives on as an inspiration to others.

Dear Margaret, Dawn & Sean, my deepest sympathies to you all over Ken's passing.

.. and if Margaret has moved on too, my deepest sympathies to the both of you. Your mum was a warm working class woman.

A Blessed Christmas and a Happy 2015

in Malaysia

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