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June 07, 2011


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>>> half-hearted attempts to promote a diversity you know they do not believe in

Someone needs to develop a radical critique of this new ideology of "diversity".

Every single major corporation has some bigshot HR exec whose job it is to promote the ideology.

This is not a demand that came from the workforce so we can only assume that it is a new form of managerial control and manipulation.

Can't get rid of that bolshy bloke in Accounts? Then accuse him of homophobia or sexism ... I'm sure if we trawl through his emails we can find something to pin on him ... didn't he tell a racist joke in 1993?


"If Stalinism has survived anywhere"



The greatest ever british stalinist... surely that's our favourite inarticulate Ziono-stalinist Vic Koenick? If only because he pulls off the feat of being somehow, strangely, half-likeable, despite being a self proclaimed stalinist zionist and coming across as a bit of simpleton.

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