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May 10, 2011


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darren redstar

Actually reading sociallistunity for the last fivesix years or so I' d say that newman would be quite happy with the stalinist tag.
Good post, shame about CW Isn't it?

Paul Stott

I think Socialist Unity's real love is China, not the USSR. And a one party capitalist China at that!

Yes CW should have prospered more than it did. The restrictions on progress that will always keep the AF and Sol Fed in check (the orthodoxy of the AF and the attachment to a dead ideology in Sol Fed's case) do not apply to CW.

But Anarchism in the UK has been spectacularly bad at building any sort of organisation - Class War is probably the closest it has got.


Fuck you, you Zionist Blairite... Only joking. Fair enough. I'll try to keep the abuse to a minimum even though I do feel I was provoked to it. If I go overboard again feel free to ban me or whatever; such is life and while most people should be able to co-operate on some level not everyone is going to get along personally, whatever Rodney King might have wished.
For the record I certainly never intended to literally threaten anyone with violence (the post you removed was a wish, not a threat:), and "spit in your face" doesn't necessarily mean saliva; I am an emcee after all.


(1) absolutely (2) won't always work, though I try to be concise (3) agree totally (4) self evident.



Newman's attitudes are best summed up by paraphrasing:

"When a man ceases to believe in socialism, he doesn't believe in nothing. He believes in anything."

Newman spent possibly 20+ years in and around the SWP, from an early age.

Detached from Leninism, but still attached to it he craved power to look up to, to admire, as a political comfort blanket, which explains his attachment to the dictatorship in Beijing.

If they were to vanish tomorrow he would only find another substitute.

Surely, you will have noticed that phenomena? Ex-politicos craving an organisation, a strongman a philosophy to look up to, and in effect worship.

That doesn't apply to all of them, but it's a trait you can see in the political sphere.


Bearing in mind point (4) will you be attending this lavishly funded hasbara-fest:


Surely the ideal platform to promote your anarchist ideas!


i couldn't agree more , Stalins diary , you surprise me


I suggest adding

(5) No sock-puppetry

(see Stalin's diary where someone impersonated internationalist and rasta)

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