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February 04, 2011


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Take the money. You are going to need it with twins.

What else can you say? Well, first, that people are generally good-natured.

Second, you don't realize just how good-natured until you have children. It really can transform your view of the world.

Gives grounds for optimism about the world.


Nice post. Last time I got money shoved at me was when I was handing out flyers about Jimmy Mubenga and Ian Tomlinson. I was supposed to do a benefit which had to be postponed (re-scheduled for Thurs March 3rd at Mozarts in Swansea, if there's any South Wales-ers reading). Dude couldn't attend the original proposed date but wanted to help out. I used it to make more copies.
Definitely more goodwill in the world than not, easy to forget sometimes with all the wankers we have to deal with, but definitely the case.


Lovely. I've got seven kids ....where is this Morrison's exactly?


How nice. I remember the reactions when you take a new baby to the supermarket, must be huge with twins. My eldest is 21 now, but I still get a bit emotional over new babies.

(and congratulations. Have more! In East London a native with lots of babies is indeed a rare sight...)


"Have more! In East London a native with lots of babies is indeed a rare sight..."

Oh, dear.


"Have more! In East London a native with lots of babies is indeed a rare sight..."

I thought Stott was a native of Manchester?

Maybe not though, otherwise he'd be a City fan.


I've been handed money by strangers a few times when out and about with kids, and it always seemed grossly offensive to say no. There was an old man in Jersey and a Sikh lady on a train. She said it was a Sikh tradition to give money to children you don't know. However, in both cases it was a quid - a fiver seems a little over the top! Anyways, lovely post.


Never had money thrust upon me when out and about E London with my twins- must've been the desperate look of near breakdown I presumably and habitually wore! Should've taken em out more often... But yes, you do get a lot of interest with a double buggy and (semi) matching pair.
Whadyaknow bout March Against Cuts coming up?

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