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February 25, 2011


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It gets better. The mass demonstrations have spread to er, Iraq.


But surely Iraq is already a haven of democracy?

How embarassing for Lord Bliar of Baghdad and your pro-war chums at Harrys Place.


Paul, ta for the link.

I think you have to ask, who didn't suck up to Gaddifi and those with oil wealth?

The Bushes and Prince Bandar? etc etc


Internationalist - Never mind about his chums at Harry's Place, have you noticed that this blog is linked to champion of Middle E ngland and the Metropolitan Line John Betjeman? Down with the swine Stott and the Blairite-Betjemanist tendency.


this is good too http://twistedsifter.com/2009/09/best-dressed-politician/


Anthony Giddens, former LSE Director and advisor to Tony Blair, also publicly defended the Libyan dictator back in 2007 and is pictured here with the Great Leader in happier times ...


... but then again "money don't talk it fucking well screams!" as John Cooper Clarke once said.

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