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February 10, 2011


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Congratulations on getting into print outside the anarchist ghetto once again.

I'm sure it can't be easy persuading Harrys Place to publish an article taking a Tory politician's side against some nutty islamists. Not the sort of thing that normally interests them.

The nutty islamists might have a case though, unless the Birmingham Central Mosque - and it appears that we are talking about a congregation of up to 20,000 people - really did say 9/11 was a "Jewish conspiracy".

Are you still pessimistic about those Egyptians?

Or inspired/in awe of their courage like the rest of us?


The post would have benefited by you distancing yourself from Cameron's general theme of scapegoating "multiculturals" :) in general and Muslims in particular on the day of the EDL "coming home" march. Shades of Maggie and Enoch. On 9/11 cultwatch maybe you could take for granted that most of the audience would be against that anyway, but on Harry's Place the majority of them would be all for it.
I have no truck with the Birmingham Mosque, but between them, David fucking Cameron and Harry's Place, I know who is my bigger enemy. When Birmingham Mosque actually attempts to impose sharia law on me I'll fight them tooth and nail of course, but in the meantime I would concentrate on frying different fish. But that's just me.

James Walsh

I wouldn't disagree with Cameron's comments on Mubaraks treatment of demostrations- I would hold them up , so I hang him later with those comments.

arr- but Cameron is my bigger 'enemy' than Mubarak, so should I start supporting Mubarak?

You 2 above can talk complete and utter CAK!


I believe Cameron's exact words were

“You have to confront the extremism itself. You have to say to the people in Birmingham Central Mosque, or wherever, who are saying 9/11 is a 'Jewish conspiracy', that that is not an acceptable attitude to have."

Maybe such words are uttered by some of the 4,000 congregation at the BCM (20,000 during religious festivals and holidays).

But I guarantee you will hear just as bad or worse "extremist" views from some in any Church of England or Roman Catholic congregation.

Yet somehow I cannot imagine David Cameron ever standing up and saying:

“You have to confront the extremism itself. You have to say to the people in Salisbury Cathedral, or wherever, who are saying we should stand by Israel and bomb the towelheads, that that is not an acceptable attitude to have."

By the way, before the election when he was courting the ethnic vote, David Cameron made a visit to BCM where he made all the right multi-culti noises about muslims being members of the "community" etc (pass the sick bucket).

The hypocrisy of politicians knows no bounds.


I see Dirty Des is throwing the editorial weight of the Daily Star behind the EDL.

He also appears to be alarmed by the Islamist takeover.


You can, and do, talk complete and utter cak, Walsh. Where in my comment did you see me "supporting" the mosque or their conspiracy theories? I said very clearly that Stott's post could have benefited from distancing himself more from Camerons' statemnent (which was about a lot more than one mosque's extremist literatature), especially given the venue he was having his piece published in, which is frequented by people who think Operation Cast Lead was a "justified" and "measured" response to "terrorism" and many of whom share Cameron's racist and Muslim-scapegoating views. Learn to read English, Walsh.


Mr Stott, you are really Lucky Larry Silverstein and I claim my £5.


Larry Silverstein was a very shrewd businessman with unique powers of foresight.

Nothing to do with luck.

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