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January 07, 2011


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Out of curiosity, why are their politics awful?
Don't know much about them other than that they are/were a Muslim hip hop group. From the lyrics of one of their songs I've seen they are quite pro-feminist so I wouldn't think misogyny would be the "awful" part of their politics - so what is?
BTW Public Enemy the greatest ever hip hop group had a mixture of great and awful politics at the time (I certainly never considered Louis "Malcolm X is worthy of death" Farrakhan to be any kind of 'prophet'), but nowadays Chuck D sounds quite like an anarchist from some quotes I've seen from him - peoples' politics do evolve...

Paul Stott

"Out of curiosity, why are their politics awful?"

Promotion of Farrakhan/NoI, and in the case of one of the band, support for the fatwa against Rushdie.

James Walsh

The singer always seems like a nob. And he didn't seem what I'd call pro-femminist in the interview I saw- unless it's even a stranger form of Feminism than I'm aware of.

Anyway- Heavy Metal is the music of the Working Classes. And Punk is the Vanguard!


Cheers for the info Paul - wasn't aware of that.

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