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October 05, 2010


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Signed... good looking out.
Fuck Hackney Council... long live C.L.R. James, hero and esteemed ankhcestor.

Harry White

There's been a lot of bollocks in the papers about this, with the Council blaming the local Archives for the change: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/sep/29/hugh-muir-diary-ass

The truth is that some of the senior managers in the Council have never been comfy with the CLR James name seeing it as too, well, black. My man in the Council tells me that articles about this in the Hackney Toady newspaper have to be referred to senior management for approval lest feathers get rubbed the wrong way.

But let's not forget that part of the reason for losing James' name is to make the New Hackney more acceptable to its new residents, the yuppies who're moving in where once were pubs and on private blocks built by estates.


I hope they don't get to Lower Clapton. I'd hate to see Granny's West Indian Take Away become Amanda Stowe-Buckinghamshire's Frappacino Palace... but hopefully the "murder mile" reputation will have one positive effect in terms of keeping out the yups...


CLR James is one of my favourite Trots.

Yes, I'll sign that. They are not all bad, despite what anarchists and social chauvinists say.

I doubt if you'll find many signatories at your other blog! They'd probably like it renamed after Tony Blair.

Larry O'Hara

I got an email from the campaign administrators saying the council had given in, and it will still be CLR James Library. Howzat?

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