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September 01, 2010


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darren redstar

visiting blackpool seems to forfill a role that you would get from hanging around with me or larry.

James Walsh

Just take a trip down to Great Yarmouth when your in Norwich- it will fulfill the same function. I now now know why it got the title 'Great'- and it doesn't mean, really good.

Disabled by Hackney

"I say walking, but some were on sticks and even mobility scooters, despite being barely in their 40s or 50s"

For those of us who have been using walking sticks (stylish ones, mind!) electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters since our teens or early twenties, your post smacks of not just a bit of smugness but disablism too!

Me and my mates (also disabled) enjoy leaving Hackney and going to Blackpool because it is easy to get around there and friendly, which is more than can be said for bloody Hackney!

Paul Stott

DBH - What I meant was people who have disabled themselves through obesity, alcoholism or drugs, not people who have been disabled in accidents or through illness.


Disability as social oppression is amazing bedtime reading if you're having trouble sleeping DBH. Mike Oliver is my personal favourite. I really used to love the Funhouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach though - and I still sometimes wake up at 4.22 in the morning, in a cold sweat, thinking I can hear that mad king who is encased outside laughing hysterically. That's when I reach for: The Politics of Disablement - and I know that everything's going to be ok...

Larry O'Hara

Darren, given I have lost 1 stone 8 lb (don't do metric) in a planned weight loss programme in the last 6 weeks, which is still ongoing, I venture to suggest you're only speaking for yourself here...Mind you, slaving away at the PC putting the finishing touches to the imminent borderland website relaunch isn't exactly the ideal weighr-reduction strategy. Good job Comrade Z has it all under control....

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