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September 05, 2010


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Ben F

Thanks for the plug Paul. The book isn't due out until October, and it IS ridiculously expensive. Needless to say neither of the editors or any of the contributors have any control over this. It is the same sort of price (or cheaper) than many 'academic' books. However it might be possible to get a few copies of the book half price (27.50). If anyone is interested contact me at Benjamin.Franks@gla.ac.uk

The book has some very limited goals, which restrict its market, and therefore explains why the publisher has chosen this pricing strategy. The books primary aim is to challenge the somewhat blinkered understanding of anarchism in mainstream political philosophy - which following R. P. Wolff and Robert Nozick tends to misconceive it as form of (pro-market) individualism - and instead offer defensible alternative interpretations.

The fact that anarchisms are not based on utopian beliefs in the 'natural goodness' of all peoples, or the primacy of contractual rights (separate from the material positions of contractees), is hardly news to activists, so the book probably won't be telling them anything terribly new or useful. But, regretably, it is news to many academic philosophers who teach or impact on a significant section of the public as universities expand.


May I ask what department in Blackwell's I will have to cruise to trouser such a tome? Anthroplogy, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, History?

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