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September 22, 2010


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Welcome back Paul !!! did you fetch us some rock?


I would be interested to see Rasta's verdict but for the moment I feel totally vindicated in my view that the Protest the Pope rally did not deserve support.

Based on numbers, composition and enthusiasm, I'd say it was Ratzinger 3, Dawkins 0.

The Protest the Pope rally bore no relation to the great working class anti-clerical movements of the past, which of course included anarchism in Spain and Russia (in particular).

Instead, it was a coalition of tut-tutting secularists (best represented by Dawkins), the sexually irresponsible (best represented by Tatchell) and the xenophobic (best represented by the likes of Nick Cohen and the Harrys Place mob).

I suppose it made a change for Catholics to be the target of xenophobic anti-religiosity instead of Muslims but it was essentially the same coalition.

Some religions are, of course, off limits. You would never see a demo against Judaism, because this coalition would characterise it as anti-semitic. You would not see a demo against Buddhism, because this coalition supports a "Free Tibet". And you would never see a demo against Anglicanism either, because it isn't foreign enough.

Revolting people, all of them.

pat wainwright

welcome back hope you had a good time

James Walsh

Internationalist would have hated the anti-pope demo- it was overwhelmingly white- like the population at large.

Yeap it was a demo in the present not the past- unlike the Pope's beatification of the scum that fought for Franco (and the Chatolic Church).

People like 'Internationalist' are pieces of shit- that we need to wipe our feet on as we move on.


Thanks James, you can always be counted upon for a rational and comradely response.

London is 57.7% white British according to 2007 figures.

I would not call that overwhelming.

I was at a football match but I did encounter some of the No Popery protesters on the train afterwards.

Unscientific I know but they were beardy tut-tutting guardianistas in tweed jackets with elbow patches.

What proportion of the population do they represent?

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