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August 14, 2010


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No doubt about it, garden centres are bloody awful places and are all about turning a very simple pleasure into a multi-million pound industry. Old fashioned nurseries,seedsmen and hardware shops on the other hand are pretty hard to find but are places that I can happily spend hours in. However, out of this alienating place comes the discovery of Yank Levi. Next time you take your Mum to a garden centre look out for All In Fighting by
W E Fairbairn (published in the States as Get Tough it was reprinted by Boulder Press in the 70's) Fairbairn was co-inventor of the Sykes Fairbairn commando knife. You should explain all this to the staff at the garden centre. They are bound to be interested.


Hold up here am I right to understand that the means to sustainable civil war/defence is available in my local garden centre? This sounds like a load of old Trot to me ie revolution is everywhere, the spark etc.A situationist paradox or some argument for existentialist desperation.
Ooooh how fucking amazing! Cease these desperate references and move on. next time take your Mum to Disneyworld and show her who her real enemy is!

darren redstar

my post seems to have disappearred into the aethernet. but just to note that amazon are stocking guerrilla warfare for £4.04 (£3.84 0n kindle).


My grandfather was in the Home Guard and passed on to me the secret of how to make IEDs (though they were not called that at the time) from copper piping, twine and weedkiller, all of which can be obtained from garden centres. (Though we cheated and used real fuse.)

Of course, as it turned out he never had to put his terrorist training into practice.

Garden centres become more attractive as you get older, and take the time to smell the roses.


Paul, the point of the guerrilla training in the UK was to enable resistance to foreign occupation.

As you may be aware, the Palestinians are currently faced with this situation as a daily reality.

A propos of which, there was yet another disgusting piece of propaganda in favour of the occupiers in today's Harrys Place - you know, the blog where you guest.

Since I am banned there, here is my response to their attempt to characterize the Israeli execution of nine Turkish campaigners as "self-defense":

>>> this hardcore activist contingent was equipped bars and wooden staves and gas masks.

Ah yes, now I understand why the Israeli commandoes – who were armed only with the latest military technology including semi-automatic guns – needed to execute the Turks at point-blank range.

Clearly, they were acting in self-defense, the same way that the Israeli air force is acting in self defense when it drops bombs on Palestinian schools.

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Edmund Standing

'No doubt about it, garden centres are bloody awful places and are all about turning a very simple pleasure into a multi-million pound industry'.

Ha ha! I've recently planted a potato patch in my garden and found Homebase pretty handy for topsoil and fertilizer. Bloody Homebase, selling me stuff I need, and actually making money in the process. What a disgraceful idea. If only my local workers' revolutionary cooperative could have obliged, eh?

You right-on Socialists do make me laugh.


Edmund. My comment about garden centres was not meant as a serious critique of capitalism (although I could do you one if you insist) but just an observation about the kind of retail outlets that I prefer to avoid. One of the more endearing things about the libertarian wing of us "right-on socialists" is that we are capable of light hearted comment about this and that and take an interest in all kinds of stuff. You should lighten up a bit Edmund. And another thing.... Try and get yer spuds in a bit earlier next year. All us right-on socialists have eaten all our first earlies, are munching our way through the second earlies and will be lifting the main crop in a few weeks time. I'm glad that you have started commenting on Pauls blog Edmund. I think that you are going to fit in a fucking treat.


Edmund >>> Ha ha! I've recently planted a potato patch in my garden

No right-on urban cosmopolite socialist, you.

A wannabe blood-and-soil socialist, maybe.

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