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July 25, 2010


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they unceremoniously shoot racing horses as soon as they're no longer profitable?
Why would any anarchist want to be involved with such a barbaric sport, if so?
You don't have to be vegan or gung-ho about animal rights to see that that's just fucking wrong.

The Tiger

Rasta - I think that is (or was) the greyhound industry.

One particular man in Durham was employed to put down the dogs - he had the bodies of thousands on his property.


Anarchists don't make great tipsters, do they?

Rasta - no you are wrong. Unless you regard riding horses per se as "barbaric" then the word is inappropriate. I doubt if horses are mistreated in the UK & Ireland and the sport has become less cruel and more regulated in recent years.

However, horse racing does reflect - in a quite spectacular fashion - the class divisions that exist in society, with high aristocracy and the ultra-rich running flat racing, the country gentry running National Hunt and an underpaid (largely rural) proletariat doing all the hard work but sometimes producing a celebrity (in the form of a champion jockey).

In fact, most of the workers will accept low pay precisely because they are motivated by love of the animals. I'd say the horses get treated better than most of the workers in the industry.


Well, pending further investigation I'll take it that I was confusing it with greyhound racing... thanks for the info.


There have been a few examples of horses being killed to collect insurance money.

A famous example was Alydar, which was second in all three legs of the American Triple Crown in 1978, and was killed in 1990.

A fictional example was Pie-O-My in The Sopranos!

But I don't think such crimes are grounds for banning a sport that gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure.

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