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July 14, 2010


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Are you off your Rocker? More significant than Rudolf? :)

Still, this should be an important contribution. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Paul Stott

I always counted Rudolf Rocker as an honourary Englishman!


You are both wrong.

Outside the anarchist ghetto, there is only one German who has been signifiant enough to capture the popular imagination.


Whether you call him an anarchist or a marxist is neither here nor there.

Nobody else has offered such a powerful critique of capitalism through popular literature. The Death Ship is perhaps the best example ever of proletarian adventure novels.

He is best known for the film version of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which contains a beautifully concise explanation of the labour theory of value, as articulated by actor Walter Huston.


Sounds absolutely faskinating Mr I. My personal favourite is 1982 Janine. If you count wanking in a scottish hotel room an adventure. One of my mum's cast-offs from her 1984 Daily Mail book club really. Strange where you end up face to face with genius innit?


1984? Must be pretty well-thumbed by now.

romantic anarchist

I hope the direction of this conversation doesn't end up jeopardising Paul's eagerly anticipated nomination for the 2010 Weblog Awards. We won't be the only ones reaching for our tissues if that's the case. I lent the book to an anarchist buddy in 1988 who soon after sold all of his belongings - including of course my precious little bible. He is apparently now running the comedy degree course at Solent University. So if you're reading this Ritchie, I want it back. Stain free...


Too late for 2010. Maybe we could lobby for a new category in 2011? He'd be a shoo-in for the best anarchist anti-islamist weblog devoted to politics, sports, parapolitics, griping and life in the London Borough of Hackney.

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