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July 30, 2010


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Rob Ray

I used to live just a couple of doors down from there, there's a couple of other places which have been squatted on that row up til recently as well, though they're not in such a state.


Opposite my school near Haggerston there's an entire block of council flats being left to fall in disrepair, forcing existing residents out, soon to be bulldozed and sold off. Currently being squatted but prob not for much longer.


Hmmmmn. This is the kind of shit people in the east end of london have to put up with, whilst the council builds swanky new office buildings together with cappuccino, air conditioning and wifi. Newham has just completed its own service centre - which Newham residents incidently are NOT welcome to come to. They've also just paid off their chief executive officer to the tune of £500,000 - a total of £980,000 for two years (4 days a week)work(sic) not including his expenses and his pension. Ever get the feeling you're being had folks?

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