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July 31, 2010


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Dave E (aka snookcocker)

It's depressing moaning all the time, in different ways, about the same things, that don't ever seem to change. So I'm giving myself a well earned rest.

But if anyone misses me too much, I still spread a little misery on Twitter https://twitter.com/snookcocker

Keep up the good work.

Tom Fowler

Though understandably mourned by it's userbase, I'm not sure MATB is that great a political loss.

I recommend http://radicalwales.org which is slowly developing into a hub of political writing west of Offa's dyke. Worth a read - the reaction of 'the left' to a counter demo against Islamic fundamentalists is amusing if predictable.


Can we have a link?


MATB and it's previous incarnation were brilliant while they lasted. It was on it's arse for a while. Everything that was going to be said had been said.

You hit the nail on the head - Everyone pretty well agreed on what they were against but a combination of bitter experience and cynicism meant is was never really for anything.

A related plug. The IWW BIROC now have a merchandise site http://wmiww.org a site that wouldn't exist if people hadn't met because of MATB


I still publish the odd article over at Though Cowards Flinch.


http://bs16.com It's not much on the blog front more about the Drawings.

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