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June 05, 2010


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The only team I definitely won't be betting on to win the World Cup is England. Not because I don't think they can win, but because seeing them win would be reward enough, and losing a bet would just be more salt in the wound. I backed Germany to win in 1990 but would have happily lost the bet ten times over if England had won, which they could have done even without Gascoigne in the final.

My daughters, who have grown up in Germany, are fanatically pro-England. They certainly would not pass the German equivalent of the Tebbit test. They are looking for bragging rights in school as they always endure a load of shit when England underperform and Germany overperform.

Holland look good value at 10-1 if Robben plays. But could I bring myself to back them? No.

I suspect someone will upset the favourites, Spain, by frustrating their attacking game. Could even be someone like England, Germany or Italy. Or your pick, Argentina.

I hope South Africa do well, but that's more hope than expecation.


You know there's only one good bet, regarding the WC.
Denmark to win at 150-1 Some places 120-1, so a fiver in and you almost got your rent covered.

We're red we're white, We're danish dynamite.

Dr Paul Stott

We are looking to win money, not give it away!


still going for portugal.mind you paul my betting is not what it used to be.portugal argentina final

darren redstar

the pound I have on Germany is looking good

Dr Paul Stott

Have you had a pound on everyone?

You have declared bets on S Africa and Germany - any more?

darren redstar

three bets; england, germany and south africa.
pound each way on england and germany and a 50p each way punt on the south africans.
little bites keep the willhill account ticking over...

darren redstar

since the start of ascot yesterday our willhill account has gone up from £10 to £26.70 just through 30p max betting;at this rate we will be millionaires by christmas.

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