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May 12, 2010


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Paul, if nothing else can convince you that Harrys Place regulars are a bunch of Zionist tossers, surely this will:

Gene's first reaction to the Whig-Tory Toffs' Coalition?

"What is Nick Clegg's policy on Israel?"

I ask you.



As to your problem - you should have a spam filter in your email program - add these guys to your blocked senders' list.

Ensure that your Junk Email options are set at the right level.

(This is how it works with Microsoft Outlook, if you have a "free" account like yahoo it's more of a challenge.)

In future when buying a product online from someone like Amazon be careful to tick the box opting out from "partners'" marketing.

In the UK you generally have to opt out, in other countries it's opt-in.


Another tip:

find out the email addresses of pro-business politicians/media pundits and forward them all your junk email with a suitably abusive message.

Paul Stott

The Jewish Chronicle has been in a flap about the Lib Dems for some time, having convinced itself that the party is in some way anti-semitic.

That such views have popped up on Harry's Place is hardly a surprise.

I can't image, on Nick Clegg's list of priorities, the question of Israel is anywhere near as high as they think it is........


Maybe it's because Jenny Tonge has some sympathy for starving Palestinians.

In the screwy HP view of the world, this makes you the modern-day equivalent of a camp commandant at Auschwitz.

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