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April 01, 2010


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darren redstar

its a cracker, innit?!
silence from the trots when I posted it up on socialist unity.
there is an odd review of Ians book on Harrys place (but the comments have been turned off)


Harry's Place comments off cos David T let his "enthusiasm" carry him away (yet again) and the object of his attention turned out to be unwilling to tolerate death threats. Full(est) account I can find here;

... but at least Mr Bone got a plug, so a stiff breeze can blow both ways.

As for Gorgeous? That was in his Labour days, there may still be hope yet...

darren redstar

not really getting the link, henry. its over two years old and not updated.
david lindsay's defence of delich sits well alonside his defence of Serb nationalist mass murderers and paedo catholic priests


me bad, small screen, small brain, big fingers, mad men on teevee & limited attention span when it comes to harry's place... plus every day feels like sunday. apols.

thus, I have no idea. but guess it's along the same lines - not paedo bothering, or serbo mania, I mean, that's just sooooo yesteryear, isn't it?

pity, though, sure a few would have piled in on BTR book review.


mystery deepens - from 2nd comment down:-


but it may be safety first because of the GG -vs- DT spat.




or not:

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