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April 17, 2010


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good luck mate

darren redstar

I have restricted myself to a £5 on a labour win and £5 on labour as largest party; both placed back in january when the odds, whilst not as good as they were in august, were still pretty good

Dave E

Well if we're all going gambling, I may risk a punt on an English Democrat MP in one of the Doncaster constituencies, and >5 Eng Dem councillors too. Any winnings would not ease the pain if I'm right though.

Benjamin F

Which bookies/betting websites are best for the average mug-punter like me?

Paul Stott

Best thing to do is go to a site like oddschecker.com see who is supposed to have the best odds, check they do then place your bet with that company. Online may be easier than going into a store if you are betting on a particular constituency.

There is also a site called political betting.com which looks at the whole subject of gambling on politics.

bet365.com seem to have stopped taking bets on some constituencies, and I am told that last time round the bookies got it really wrong in certain seats (e.g Galloway's win in Bethnal Green) it could be they just don't have the specialist knowledge on politics that they do on racing?

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