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November 07, 2009


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Dave E

I agree with your assessment.

As long as Haye doesn't repeat his Carl Thompson performance, he should do OK against Valuev. But the only way he will win is by knockout and I can't see that happening.


Well there you go chaps. Listening to the radio commentary last night it sounded as though Haye fought a very intelligent fight, and with a busted right hand as well. No doubt this morning us self effacing Brits will be telling each other how inept Valuev was and how David Haye would not have lasted two rounds with everyone from Primo Carnera to Brian London! Did you have a punt Paul?

Dr Paul Stott

As George Bush would put it, I mis-underestimated Haye!

Thankfully I did not put my money where my mouth is (at those odds it did not seem worth the bother)

I would like to say the dream scenario now is Haye to fight each Klitschko brother in turn, Wlad at the New Den and then Vitali at Wembley in the summer. Sadly it seems he is contracted to fight John Ruiz next...........

Finally it will be interesting to see where Valuev goes. He is young enough to carry on if he wants, but he is firmly in the 'awkward fighter to avoid' category.....

Dave E

I hereby resign from my self appointed role as boxing pundit.

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