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August 16, 2009


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james walsh

There's the odd small plus now and then in this brave new world, we've just got to try and be a little more foward thinkning than those running the show. It a rigged game.

It like the bloody film- Brazil.

Top film i'm sure your agree?

james walsh

Nice to see my typing hasn't improved that much- dispite the best efforts of the Britich education system.

Dr Paul Stott

I agree its a rigged game - but its nice to think of a few licence fee guzzlers at BBC HQ looking at websites like this and shitting themselves.

I can't think of few collective groups of people I would rather see down the job centre......


These streaming sites are great for streaming live football matches for when you can't make it to the match or the pub.

It's very satisfying to know you're fucking over Sky.

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