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July 23, 2009


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james walsh

I think a couple of my dads friends had met him, said he was a complete bullshitter non-entity con artist.


I have just read John Williams "Michael X, A life in black & white.” I found it to be an excellent and informative read and at times could not put the book down. I am completely shocked that I never knew of him until I saw the movie “The Bank Job.” More so shocked, as I was born in London in 1974 and even lived in Stoke Newington where he too lived.

I now find myself intrigued into the life of Michael X and will spend quite some time finding all the related books, poems, articles and features relating to his life which will educate me more into his plight.


Calcinha - A lavagem da calcinha requer um maior cuidado que a do sutiã. O motivo é óbvio: a peça protege a região íntima feminina. Portanto, além de lavar adequadamente, os produtos utilizados não devem agredir a mulher.

Posh Phil

I lodged with Deirdre Redgrave, then the ex wife of Corin Redgrave and she told me all about the time that Micheal X had hidden with whilst on the runthen whilst they were acolytes of Healy and the WRP in about 1970.

She described him as utterly ungrateful to his protectors often verbally abusing Dierdre as a 'white bitch' and demanding sexual favours which lead to the first split up from her from Corin.

Micheal de Freitas was a murderous racist cunt who should be treated with the same disgust as any racist, raping, murderous thug.

It is because people excuse his behavior and people like him because of the colour of tehir skin that people support the likes of the BNP and and the EDL.

If you don't oppose all racism then your objections to any racism is worthless.


There's a show on the radio just now about pirate radio where Michael x is mentioned as murdering the station founders daughter who was of course white.

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