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July 06, 2009


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Todd Terry

"I am not clever enough to be able to switch this feature off, nor am I able to find the manual to learn how to do it."

Hit the TA button and stop fucking whinging


Leave it on and skank out brah, sounds you need some grime, dubstep and funky in your life.


piss off and turn it off then u wank toss


you silly cunt face


what a mug u are

donuts r u

its called ta hit the switch you retard. every new car stereo is programmed to switch to traffic news. yours is obviously set wrong..if you cant figure out how to turn that off i dont think you should be even driving a car... donut!


i just showed my uncle and he thinks you are plonker lol


I think it's a sign man. Go with it ;)


Mr R

You stupid cunt

Dr Paul Stott

Just for the record Busybobby, fizzmeister, victor and ricardo, who have all posted eloquent comments above, each have the same IP address.

In other words its the same person, using different names to make the same point four times.

Perhaps you need to have another word with your uncle busybobby?


Can I buy your radio? It sounds like we already have a life lasting connection lol


Rinse FM is the best thing on the airwaves lol

Aych >>>>>>>..



how about THIS. try shutting the fuck up. if you dont shut the fuck up i'll personally have it seen to thatg you1 SHUT THE FUCK UP does that make it any better FUCK YOU

tom simpson

rinse fm is a good guy eh play dirtbad vip and dusnt afraid of anything


if you had any sense you would have just killed youself


rinse fm can suck cock

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