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January 14, 2009


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I'd like to de-recommend GRAMSCI IS DEAD: Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements by Richard J.F. Day as the biggest piece of jargon laden rubbish i think i've ever read.

I weasn't supride to learn that

"Richard Day is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queen's University, Kingston. He is active in food, housing, and financial co-ops, in the movement against neo-liberalism, and in defending the university as a public, accessible space for critical thought and social analysis."

Barnsdale Brigade

"Anarchist Farm" by Jane Doe - a 90s rant that seems to suggest that 'herd mentality' is a good thing. It's underlying philosophy is more Mao-meets-the-Moonies than anarchist.

"Expect Resistance" by Crimethinc. This genre of book should be known as 'vex-ploitation'; it is aimed at a white middle-class youth desperate to 'rebel' against their well off mummies and daddies. More Saatchi than Sabate.


Silvio Gesell - "Marx" der Anarchisten? (Silvio Gesell - "Marx" of the Anarchist?) ... published 1989 by Klaus Schmitt ... with one essay by the strasserite ("third positionist") Günter Bartsch and the general tendency to hail dodgy money theories and promoting a "market economy without capitalism" and other crap as the ultimate anarchist approach to the economy


Graham Purchase, whom Bookchin once called an oaf, published a book that I deeply regret buying - Anarchism and Ecology. Undiluted bollocks from start to finish. He finishes by using "the science of abstract art" to produce silly drawings of social structures. And Black Rose Books published it!


"... "market economy without capitalism" and other crap ..."

Some people seem to think it could work:


"Free market anti-capitalism"

Richard Day

to the guy who doesn't like my book, i've got a simple response with no jargon in it at all: go fuck yourself, pal! i doubt you could last 60 seconds with me in any form of combat other than hiding behind a computer and mouthing shit. who are you anyway? got a bio, or do you just hide?

there, that felt good!

darren redstar

"The University as Anarcho-Community,"


Hello Trev - why are you pretending to be Richard Day?

Or if it is Dick Day, does your ego know that you're googling your own name on google blogs?

darren redstar

I think he also wrote his own entry on wikipedia

Tabatha Bean

This is just the kind of robust comradely debate that would never happen in an authoritarian milieu. Richard Day has proved he writes informed by the white heat of his praxis and is in no way to be seen as a mere obscurantist in an ivory tower with masculinity issues.


Well, I'm a bit ambiguous about "Demanding The Impossible: A History of Anarchism".

Some of the historical bits are okay, although he does not understand Bakunin at all... but to even include "anarcho"-capitalism and state clearly not it is not anarchism and that almost all anarchists reject it was just a mistake.

I've quoted from it from time to it, so it has some use. But it is flawed in many ways -- I guess like most books written by liberals about anarchism...

The new edition has a terrible, terrible epilogue -- since when did any anarchist think a specific economic system would be imposed? Really, does he think Kropotkin and Malatesta wanted to impose communism on people? Idiot...

but as I said, it does have some use...

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