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January 16, 2009


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Teaching who about what

I thought this Trevor was supposed to be an academic. It's an indictment on the universities of today they gave a man like this a doctorate. Hand painting seems the limit of his abilities.

Dave E

I think Durham NUM must have given him the dosh out of exasperation, just to get rid of him.

Trevor Bark

1. You know nothing about mental health, my health is mental health is fine.
2. You are the one who fetishises me.
3. I knew you'd do something stupid with them once i sent them to you. We are 'caught' in a spiral of negativity - my influence grows disproportionately large as a result of your fetishisation of me. Well done.
4. These are titbits. It is a sad indictment of your lack of politics that I am the only thing you can talk about.
5. I am doing far bigger and more important things, when you can catch up and do some serious politics for a change let me know. Did you miss my appearance in the Guardian today?

Dr Paul Stott

I don't read The Guardian, although I am told you had added your name to this circular:


Personally my politics mean I want Israel AND Hamas to lose...........

Trevor Bark

Your politics are irrelevant then Paul, you have adopted the Ultra left illusion. There is NO prospect at all of Israel and Hamas 'losing', and you accuse me of fantasy!!

The 'rumour' has it is your bullshit again Paul? Why stoop so low? There was no 'rumour' till you started it on this blog!! Another example of your increasing blurring of fact and fiction.


Shockingly bad post. What is it with attacking others? Great use of time.

Dr Paul Stott

I think a lot of people Alessio, are fed up with Trevor impersonating Class War, some 3 years after the Class War Federation's members decided he was a liability and voted to get rid of him.

If you had gone through the same difficulties in Camden Anarchists with an activist as we have with this guy, and that person then went round impersonating you, would you go on tolerating that shit indefinitely?

This issue could be resolved in five minutes if Trevor simply accepted his expulsion from Class War, and stopped going round calling himself "North East Class War".

How hard is that?

Teaching who about what

I'd like to ask Trevor what he's done for Gaza other than produce these peculiar fridge magnets.

Duncan Money

That middle fridge magnet is incredible, do people actually pay for these or do you give them away?

Dave E

"my influence grows disproportionately large"
Hahahahahaha, directly in proportion to your delusions no doubt.
"Did you miss my appearance in the Guardian today?"
A co-signatory to a letter amongst dozens, you were easy to miss.

Trevor Bark

Idiot Paul. You've spent all your life copying me and following me around. As if I want to be like you - FUCK OFF! NEVER. Our group is carrying on the class struggle up here, the North East Class War group. Accept my expulsion??? That kangeroo undemocratic facade? Hell will freeze over before that happens, and it only upsets a few people who bang on and on about it on pathetic websites such as this one.

Back in the real world which you do not write about or practice politics in the open is where our politics are.

Trevor Bark

Dave E - WANKER.

Dave E - in the hope of humiliating you so that you stop dragging us all back. Shall we have a look at what you just said?

You said a Miners strike event; key NUM speakers, meetings on the credit crunch, policing, IWW are only me publicising myself?!!

Now that's fucking embarrassing pal, you are not only not in the game, you're not in the crowd watching, it is you who are the sad lonely drunkard sat at home tossing off.

I get out there and mix it with the big boys and girls in the class struggle, and with many hundreds of thousands of others, and YOU DO FEK ALL BUT WHINGE. You fekking anarchist planks are wankers (nice of you to recognise yourself).

Finally, if I was to self publicise my personal projects I would have used this site (it has not been publicised by me so far) but you have given me opportunity to start spreading it now -you will regret it, it will be everywhere; http://mayday-magazine.vpweb.co.uk/ That's what you get when you antagonise me, from the start you would have been better negotiating; but no, you chose to attack me so you cannot be surprised when you get it back.

Now your problem and others who try to have a dig at me, are nothing, you have no experience/knowledge of anything serious, you could never recognise what I was doing and that is because of this lack. You anarchists have never done anything but whinge amongst yourselves - keep it - its fekking stale. I prefer the new world, but with many others, who act and think without ideology, just working class common sense which you certainly lack.

I am not going anywhere pal, I am already doing it;)

Dr Paul Stott

Now I realise why Ian Bone blocks most of his posts!

Dave E

Miner's strike event: Trev you're always hanging onto to the coat-tails of others to get noticed and then claim full credit for yourself.

The only time I ever hear of things you're involved with is when you pop up on blogs and forums (before getting banned) and tell us all how wonderful you are.

a stupid bloke from donny

Trevor Bark

Oh Paul - you never let reality into your dream world did you? Most posts (go check the stats) on Ians blog actually get on. However, when I have to waste my time and reply to the triple troika of anarchist planks including you then of course it is going to get heated.

Why did you resign from politics? CW is fucked and you are completely absolving yourself from blame. That's crazy. You were and are part of the problem, but don't worry, there is opportunity for you to progress as long as you drop the ultra leftism.

What did you honestly expect was going to happen? That I should accept your shit politics? Put up and shut up? Fuck that.

I put my heart and soul into politics, treated you as a personal friend for approx a decade, and then you discard me like dusty bin. Fuck that. You keep your shit old left politics, which treats people as objects.

There was plenty of opportunity to do things democratically, as Dave Douglass said, you could have started a debate at the annual conference I was at. But no, you might have lost, so you chose a kangeroo court and that is why Dave Douglass left cos of YOUR shit politics.

There is still a way to improve things through negotiation, or do you want this seething hatred to continue ad infinitum?


Trevor Bark

Dave E. WTF are you on about. Where have I claimed full credit? SHOW ME AND THE WORLD THE EVIDENCE? You don't have any! Get real...

Class cannot be done on your own, it is fluid, it is movement, of course I organise with others. We have a a year long programme of activity worked out up here in the North East, many good events apart from the ones you know about and so on.

You know I only revisit websites such as MATB to tell you when I have finished organising my theoretical and practical endeavors. I do not rely on you and I do not need you. The anarchists are so off the pace it is very sad, from the people who should be the most open too. You lot however exist on calling me out constantly, you can't let me go.

I am doing this;

And I get articles published elsewhere, the forthcoming Capital and Class has one in by me. I really don't get your jib, it is you lot who tell the world I think i am brilliant.

Funnily enough I know what my capabilities are, what my specialisms are, where my strengths are. What I can do and what I can't. I have no overblown sense of my own importance.

I organise realistically with what I can do and not what I can't.

As the late and great Steven Box said, that he hopes to stand on the shoulders of giants, that is a good idium of what I do. That's why I am happy to be on the same page as Zizek and others as in the Guardian the other day.

It's solidarity not betrayal, it is having an open mind and developing politics for the 21st century and not obsessing with old stale and dead ultra left or anarchist theory.

You lot are doing nothing.

Dr Paul Stott

My last word on this subject.
Trevor - I did not expel you from Class War - the membership did, in a democratic vote.

Having already spent much of two Class War conferences on you and your issues, their patience was exhausted.

Do you think you have done anything since to convince anyone we took the wrong decision?

Get over it. Move on.

Trevor Bark

Get real Paul - I moved on from CW in the late 1990s, CW was never the be all and end all for me. I let you build up a cabal while I was doing bigger and better things elsewhere. You have now left CW ha hahhahahahahahaa. Given it up cos you have finally realised you could achieve nothing. Well done. Not.

CW spent no time at conference discussing 'me and my issues' - bullshit. The last conference before you sprang your undemocratic crap was a positive one, that was your opportunity to raise things. Instead you chose rubbish after the event.

Your 'final word on the subject' - oh do fuck off - you have said this soooooo many times you are a laughing stock. You can't leave me alone.

CW did not have a democractic vote, there was no constitution, no precedent, and you and your troika set it up with no authority at all. I refused to take part in the process as did others. TBH I am not interested in you and your cabal, the people I want to be friendly with I am, you know that, but we can improve things through negotiation, which I suggest is not public.

Trevor Bark

Just a point. As far as you know there are no other magnets in existence other than the 3 I sent you. Do you think I made 1000s or just those 3? And who has given them the publicity? Have you wised up yet?

Teaching who about what


One the one hand you want to be in Class War. On the other you slag it to the sky. You can't have it both ways. If Class War's always been so shit why were you in it so long? And if it's so brilliant why do you keep attacking it?

You say that you're developing 21st century politics. Why then are you giving so much puff to your inclusion on a round-robin letter? Is it your new politics to write to newspapers with dozens of academics in a vain attempt to improve your standing with doctors and professors?

Duncan Money

Thanks to the sane, rational contributions of Trevor, who doesn't come across like an obsessed mentalist in his comments at all, this must be the longest, most controversial thread you've ever had on this site Paul!

Trevor Bark

Teaching nobody about Nothing - I slag of that particular part of CW. There are other parts and other moments of Class War. I am quite happy not working with you as it goes, I do not want to rejoin the troika who are left in CW (the pale imitation of what it once was). Actually I am quite happy carrying on as things are, i really do not need you and I have no interest in you at all. But the endless negative spiral we are caught in doesn't have to carry on for ever. Think about that.

That letter was one recent moment of the class struggle, there are many others. That is the one which came up in the conversation and that is why it was focussed upon. It was not planned as part of attempts to build @ New Left for the 21st century, though if it helps then good. There are many parts of the class struggle which deserve attention. Fluidity is the name of the game in these diverse and innovative 21st century times, in short the class struggle has many currents in it, some flowing, and strangely anarchists who are not sensuous at all and who cannot feel or think through the current class struggle zeitgeist. It is a strange world when the anarchists have static positions and an inability to change.

Trevor Bark

Dunkin Dough nutz - that's cos no fucker reads it normally apart from the anal. I do not.

Do you never get emotional about anything? I do and I wear my heart on my sleeve, it is called honesty - i call it as I see as I always have.

Obsessed mentalist? Really? Rather it is the fetishists who constantly talk about me who have the problems, I am merely replying with my perspective. That you can't recognise that and lower yourself to childish insults says more about you than it ever will about me.

Try some class struggle instead - it may do you some good.

Teaching who about what


I don't think that signing a letter you didn't write to a national newspaper really counts as a moment of class struggle - even less so when the class content of that letter was zero.

More seriously, I think you should be taking a step back. You accuse Duncan of 'childish insults' in the same post you call him 'Dunkin Dough nutz'. Hardly the act of a stable and rational man. If you do want to attract people to your way of thinking, if your way of thinking has anything to recommend it, than you should be able to respond in a calm and considered manner so you don't appear the 'mentalist' you've been described as.

Finally, what's your article about in the next C&C?

Trevor Bark

Teaching nobody about nothing.

Stable and rational? Whose 'stability'? Whose 'rationality'? There are no timeless homogeneous 'categories' like that, they have to be unpacked. Like the artificial and non existent category, the 'ordinary' man - they are complete works of fiction. Just like the British flag which dates only from 1801 or so (I can't remember exactly without checking). In short things change and move.

I call it as I see it which is often an oppositional perspective, and as I said I wear my heart on my sleeve. As for why I replied as I did, Dunkin No brains insulted me, so he got back what he threw at me. It is as simple as that. Funnily enough if you treat me well and I nice back, but i will give better than I get back if this continues (even though i know it is a complete waste of time). I defend myself as I see fit.

Teaching who about what

Agreed, categories change over time. But not between breakfast and dinnertime! Stability? You're hardly stable if on the one hand you proclaim the superiority of your ideology-free beliefs, but can't explain what you mean to anybody else. And you don't appear rational in any commonly understood way if you refuse to act like an adult, by childishly playing about with people's names in a way which makes it difficult to believe you've academic pretensions. If you want to defend yourself why not try to engage with the issues instead of continually deriding everyone else for not understanding you and instead of descending to the sort of behaviour which would shame a recalcitrant four year-old?

darren redstar

what an odd world trevs is, where he considers 'ultra left' an insult. the utter collapse of the left into electoralist compromise, islamophilia, and anti imperialist power worship makes being an ultra left a badge of credibility and pride.

Trevor bark

Teaching nobody... Behave like an 'adult'? How old does an 'adult' have to be? There are plenty of adults who are fuckwits, like all the anarchist planks around here.

I live my life for fun, you keep your staid nothingness. I am serious when it is called for, and you can judge that by the serious relationships i maintain through time.

You lot do not count here, here anything goes. As I said I will negotiate in peace behind closed doors, there you will find me at my 'respectable' best. I am quite aware of the differences between respectability and being relaxed, loose and free. Very much so, infact I would say more so than you.

Trevor Bark

The Ultra left are the worst sort of religious wankers who refuse to see that they confuse the goal with the methods necessary to move towards that goal (they confuse means and ends). Lenin called it correctly, it is an 'infantile disorder', and it is a strange world when some are trying to turn anarchism into irrelevant left communism. That is a total dead end. I will never enable left communists to spread their shite. The anarchism I know has ALWAYS been more popular than that.

Teaching who about what

There are indeed plenty of adults who are fuckwits, and judging by your posts you're certainly one of them. Maybe you will 'negotiate in peace behind closed doors'. The problem is that you're trying to communicate in public on the internet, and not showing yourself capable of it. Or, rather, you are communicating very clearly, but the message people are receiving is that you are a little boy who has nothing to say in very big words instead of the impression you wish to convey of being a big capable man with important friends and big plans.

There's no point your replying - there's no point my continuing to discuss anything with a man who believes that all concepts are without meaning.

Trevor Bark

Nice of you to recognise yourself as a plank teaching nobody. You are the only one with those wierd perceptions. You do not know me, you do not know what I think, you certainly do not know what I am doing or what I want.
Look -you planks deserve no respect = you get none. There are plenty of my serious writings on the web, and I am friendly with those I want to be = not you wanker. I have plenty to say, I am doing it, I am organisng bigger and better things that you can only dream of. Grow up jealous small boy.

It is only your concepts that are without meaning, you do not know what they are, have never written anything of any use, and so I can quite easaily treat you with more disdain than you are ignorantly showing me. Get a grip/life etc.

Teaching Trev about things


If I don't know you, you definitely don't know me. But what I do know is how you come across on the internet, which is badly. I know that there is next to nothing by you on the internet - which I suppose is "plenty" of your "serious" writings. I know that you never tell anyone what these great things you're organizing are, apart 'organizing' funds from the NUM.

The thing you blind yourself to is NO ONE has any respect for you. You've been banned from numerous bulletin boards, some on more than a dozen occasions. Your failure to present your long-awaited paper at the ASN conference hardly covered you with glory. Your bookfair's a laughing stock in the north-east. I expect your tenure on the Capital and Class editorial board will be truncated after the next issue appears - if it appears with an article from you in it.

And there you have it. You've tried to make yourself the big man of British anarchist politics and dismally failed. Your academic pretensions have seen you derided throughout the anarchist movement and your 'Mayday' project was last seen drowning, not waving.

It'll be a sorry day when I'm jealous of a man who could have been a contender but ended up a butt of jokes across the land.

Dr Paul Stott

I am at a bit of loss, despite having read his posts, as to what anyone is supposed to be 'negotiating' with Trevor about?

Teaching who about what

Similar to bringing someone in before they jump?

Trevor Bark

Teaching nobody you are just a jealous guy - there are plenty of my writings on the internet, you obviously do not know what you are talking about. I do not give a toss what tossers like you think, you clearly know nothing, organise nothing and have no politics.

As for my writings there Mayday magazine, a paper on the Wombles site, myspace with 10 or more articles on it, my anti fascist paper on a diff. site, and more...

Why you go out of your way to have a go at me is odd - it is clearly you who has the problem.

The bookfairs doing well, the third one will be impressive. The night of the 14th of March will see a political event that you won't be able to get in cos it will be rammed with thousands of 'real' working class people - not like the fake one you are. And I booked the venue... It will be a spectacular political event, not like the shite anarchists planks organise.

I had to take someone to hospital so I missed the ASN conference - big deal, get over it - the paper was written. AS for Capital and Class, there is a term of office, I forget which but it is either 2 or 3 years.

Your efforts to put me down show you up as a reactionary.

Teaching who about what

If you're really expecting 1,000s of people at your magnificent event, wouldn't it have made sense to book a venue which could hold them?

Trevor Bark

March 14th Bookfair venue here -

There is already a buzz about the event around there.

The event will be large, I hesitate to say massive but it could be.

On the night we have an even larger venue booked, there will be entertainment, food and Miners strike projections/video and other impressive stuff. I will publicise that when we are sorted. You will just have to wait for details. There will be no shortage of takers for tickets >1K peeps too.

Trevor Bark

You fucked up on that 'last word' again Paul.

Dr Paul Stott

I very rarely delete posts on this blog, but today have taken the rare step of doing so.

I don't see a lot of point in allowing anonymous people to make accusations against Trevor on this site, nor do I want to host them - I therefore deleted the comment by 'Anon'


These comments are brilliant. Keep it going.

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