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November 23, 2008


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darren redstar

me and mrs redstar regularly pop over to Newbury for an afternoons/ evenings racing, although mrs redstar does like doing the posh restaurant thing.
our willhill accounts are well used.


Apart from horse racing the other interests shared by toffs and yobs, and generally disapproved of by the middle class, are boxing and (wait for it) field sports. I think that this is very interesting stuff but it is also a can of worms that if opened is a sure fire way of losing comrades. I think I can feel a rant coming on. I'll take one of my tablets and have a lie down.

Dr Paul Stott

I think toff interest in Boxing has rather died out in recent years. I've certainly never seen any down at York Hall!

I am not sure toffs in general are as robust as they used to be. A contact was recently telling me that in the Army the quality of 'Rupert' has really gone down hill over the past few years - clearly all those Posh boys don't fancy careers leading men in to battle in Helmand Province, when they could be sat in front of a computer screen in the City gambling people's money away!

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