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September 08, 2008


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Dave E

According to the Sun (so it might be rubbish) 5 pubs a day are closing nationally.

In the same article Mike Benner, chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale, is quoted as saying, “Pubs are essential local services and the Government has a moral duty to protect them. It should start by announcing immediately that it will reverse its decision to increase beer duty in the next four Budgets.”

I'm not sure about the 'essential' local service thing, but I do agree on beer tax. Beer tax levels more akin to Latvia or Malta would be much better.

Duncan Money

Pubs are closing at the rate of 36 a week nationally so that works out at just over 5 a day.

I'm pleased to say we're holding the line in Maryport, in the last year only one pub has closed but another one has opened.

Good luck with saving The Swan.

Dave E

Just watch your liver whilst you're single-handedly saving all those Maryport pubs Duncan.


As being a local resident I do understand the feeling of the people who are upset on the sad news of what is happening to our lovely pub, however I must admit that I have not visited this pub for quite some time [as many others have told me the same]as this pub is rather in a derelict state, ie. chairs/benches unclean, toilets out of order for a long time and they seem to have no intensions of repairing it.. therfore i changed and no longer go to The Swan for my cup of beer, and now going to Turnpike House or down the road to the Crooked Billet, both of these pubs are minutes to walk from The Swan and are looked after and therfore you now find The Swan to be empty at most times, I seriously dont think its worth the campaign to save it as in the end of the day what will we gain, when there are so many other pubs in Stamford Hill, The Birdcage, The Royal Sovereign, Anchor & Hope, The Wheatsheaf, The Moll, The Criketers, Turnpike House, The Crooked Billet, and many more on Church street, and we all know that there are over 30 pubs closing down every week across the country, It is a real shame to see another pub close down, but i assume it had its day, as long as we have where to drink why should we be so upset and campaign to save it when the seller is totaly right and surely not a charity to keep it open for our benefit.

- Charles, North London


What I would like to see, should there be enough support for the campaign to Save the Swan, is a renewed interest by the owners in refurbishing the pub if indeed it is in a 'derelict state'. Therefore hopefully regaining more customers and making it a viable business again.
It would be such a shame to lose this 250 year old pub...
I don't think anyone would be seriously suggesting it should be kept open if it was losing money...

Dave E

Me and the missus have just been up to the pub for our tea, and bloody hell my old local is all shuttered up. Yes it became crap when they made it overly child friendly, but it was good to take the grandkids. Not sure what's happening there, but it'd make a good plot for 'exclusive' housing.


Hi paul .. charles above is a snide/troll/whatever, probably working for the buyers, and his post is full of lies .. he has been posting this crap on other blogs .. as sue said the pub has been run down by the owners (punch taverns who are little better than assset strippers ) but it is NOT unclean, it is NOT empty, it is not derelict .. on saturday there was over 150 people there for the BBQ party ( and similar numbers a few weeks ago for another birthday )..

IF charles is genuine, and this WAS his local, he is typical of a feeble britain today who will move on rather than fight for their patch .. but he is not genuine

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